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Friedrichshafen: EUROBIKE-Academy - „Cargo Bikes for commercial transport – potential and challenges“

[invitation as pdf]

Arne Behrensen
, Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (VCD), Project Manager Cargo Bikes

Opening Address
Siegfried Neuberger
, Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (German Cycle Industry Association), Executive Director

Presentations by:

Karl Reiter, Austrian Mobility Research, Co-ordinator of EU project CycleLogistics Ahead
Potential of Cargo Bikes to replace cars in urban transport

Holger Diehm, GmbH
The German DIN working group on Cargo Bikes and the coming DIN standard

Richard Armitage, European CycleLogistics Federation (ECLF), Director
Experience of companies using Cargo Bikes and their expectations of the bike industry

Arne Melse and Elias Gansel, DHL Europe
The current and future role of cargo bikes in European cities for DHL [for content of the presentation see DHL media release from September 3, 2014]

Moderator: Kevin Mayne, European Cyclists´ Federation (ECF), Development Director


CycleLogistics project:
Karl Reiter,

VCD Cargo Bike project:
Arne Behrensen and Wasilis von Rauch,